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You guys need to know something about Jasmin B.

She's a youtuber...
... She's fabulous....
......AND she's my cousin.



Type of Parents is her newest video at the moment. If you're into some good laughs and some facts which are told by a fifteen year old youtuber then this is definitely your thing. Her channel is found from here too ----> JASMIN B- YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Crying like a little Girl now.

You know what guys.... It's time for me to be alive again.

This is the most stressful time of my life. I'm trying to complete my studies as the sport massage therapist and the next plan is to ram my way to Kotka's naprapath education....

(... Ram?)

Ah, screw it.

I just know I won't  be able to pull it off, but I have my hopes up on to continue my education as well as finding a job beside of all of this.
All of this, actually, feels so unreal but nothing keeps me from trying, eh? I might not be able to get in to Kotka's college, I mean... These people look like doctors and... I'm.... Unrealistic.

These kind of thoughts are making me wonder if I need to cheer myself up a little by blogging again.

Well back to another business and enough of my angsty climate. I want to help my cousin to progress with her youtube channel. She's a fifteen years old, cheery girl and I know she'll be something awesome someday. I need to tell you more about her soon.


(Panties? Roses?)

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You know what?

Stress makes you a game bug...

... Somebody else is laughing but you're not.

hashtag people being out of the internet because of stress

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